Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sorry...I've been so late!

It's a really busy time of year for me... so I apologize for the slacking on updating the blog! We have some new ones:
Kara Barber
Charlie Dewsnup
Jarom Smith

You'll have to check them out! Darling little families! If I've missed anyone... please leave another comment. Remember to send an email to sfhs1995@gmail.com to be added to our class email list.

Thanks Everyone! It's been fun seeing what everyone's up to!


Brad.Lindsey.Lexi.Rowen said...

We're going private. Please add our email to the private blogs list for anyone who would like to reach us can.

Brad & Lindsey Downey

Hank Bidu said...

My little fam's blogeroo is at www.thepixelatedmuse.blogspot.com. Feel free to post it up so everyone can enjoy how cute my kids are :)
Jon Christensen

Jamie said...

Please add us to your list! crazycarterclan.blogspot.com for Jamie Hickman Carter! Thanks

craig and jill said...

I want to be added to the link as well. craigjillkids.blogspot.com for Jill Lemon Clayson. Thanks

Melissa said...

Add us to the list :)

Our blog address is www.rbjamesfamily.blogspot.com

Rich and Melissa James

Mandy said...

We are going private. So if you could add our blog to the list of private blogs. My email address is jmdeeben@msn.com If anyone wants to be added.